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a female student shaking someone's handA typical student in Singapore spends an average of 19 to 20 years in school. Their education starts with pre-school and could end with a diploma or a university degree. Since education is integral to success, some consider four years of university as insufficient for complete expertise. Many want to be an expert in their chosen field and be at the forefront of their industry and consider the following benefits they could receive with a master’s degree from a Singapore university.

Increase Self-Worth and Pride

The majority of students in the Garden City could choose to go to university or a polytechnic, but they could also take their education to the next level with a master’s or PhD in Singapore. Any student could see these post-graduate degrees as a personal and academic achievement. It could increase your chances of being hired for a position in a prestigious international or local company.

Opens Up Career Opportunities

A diploma, a professional certification, and even a degree could open up career opportunities. However, an MA or a PhD could boost your career exponentially. Many private and public institutions would welcome your knowledge and expertise, and so you could ask for higher pay as well as a good position in any organisation.

Many Singaporeans now see the importance of a degree, as many of them are considering ‘fast-track’ courses from private universities in the country. They consider it as a way to boost their chances to be hired for a job.

Recognition and Credibility

Being an expert in your field of study or niche also means you will be regarded as an authority in that area. In the medical and educational field, you could be a valuable resource person for these institution’s various projects and endeavours.

In Singapore, education is the ladder to success. Plan your education from the start and choose a good university or educational institute that could help fulfil your academic dreams to claim the success you deserve.

Terohan Nula