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an employer avidly listens to an applicantHiring the right candidates into their companies has to be one of the most complex challenges that business leaders encounter. The cost of hiring a bad candidate can be incredibly high, setting your company back thousands of dollars every year.

How do you spot a bad hire and save yourself a ton of trouble? Here are four warning signs that the candidate is a bad fit.

1. Their criminal record shows alarming results.

Top businesses will not risk calling someone for an interview before they first check the criminal record of the person. Usually, that information is available on the websites of the relevant agencies, for instance, a VIC police check online service.

Should your search show that the person has a record of workplace-related crimes, you might want to reconsider their application.

2. They exhibit punctuality problems.

When a candidate shows up late for the job interview, that’s a sure red flag. Unless, of course, they have a valid reason. If they cannot show up on time for an interview, how do you know they’ll be accountable after you hire them?

3. They lack enthusiasm.

When the candidate doesn’t seem motivated during the interview, take note. Passion in a candidate is an important quality. You want someone who’s ready to jump in and start the job immediately — someone who seems like they’ll be excited to handle even the most mundane tasks in the office.

4. They make grammar mistakes.

In the course of your correspondence with the candidate, take note of any grammar goofs on their written samples. Should you notice that the candidate keeps making mistakes, even if they are simple typos, it could be a sign of trouble. It means they don’t pay attention to detail.

Finding the right candidate for vacant positions is an important step towards reaching your vision as an organisation. By weeding out the wrong candidates during the recruitment process, you can increase your odds of landing the star performer you are looking for.

Terohan Nula