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Steel structure

Steel structureSteel has brought many possibilities in building a structure. No longer limited to weapons and tools, steel is being used to build houses, bridges, buildings and more. Builders, architects, and contractors around the world have used steel to create their masterpieces.

Steel Structures Around the world

Rather than building structures out of traditional materials, using steel has provided strength to these structures to make them last through the ages. Steel, after all, is proven to be stronger than traditional building materials, according to experts from SteelCo Buildings, Inc. There seemed to have been a recurring theme when it came to these structures; they were considered the tallest in the world during their time until the next one took the title.

One of the first to use steel for construction, the Eiffel Tower in France stood as the tallest structure from 1889 to 1930; the tower stood at 1063 ft. Then, there’s the Empire State Building, currently standing at 1454 ft to the tip. It was completed in 13 months, which was considered extremely fast for its time. Another famous building is the Burj Khalifa. This building is 2720 ft. high with a whopping 163 floors. It is the tallest building at present, but will soon be topped by the Jeddah Tower, or Kingdom Tower, which is standing at 3280 ft.

Famous steel structures need not be buildings. There’s the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, which was the first suspension bridge to use steel wires. There’s also the world’s tallest arch, The Gateway Arch, located in Missouri. Another bridge to make use of steel for its construction is the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, the largest steel arch bridge in the world.

The Future of Steel

Steel is an incredibly versatile metal. It can be used for many types of construction and utilized in almost all industries. Reinforcing current structures or adding to them is made easier when the structures are made of steel parts, rather than traditional building materials. With its flexibility, the use of steel will continue to rise, and perhaps soon, all our buildings will be made of it.

Terohan Nula