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Recruiter looking at a candidate's resume

The UK is facing a significant problem in workers’ supply. Take for example the engineering industry. The country will need to have almost two million trained engineers by 2025.

Many factors contribute to the lack of workers in different fields. For one, the country has done better than in previous years. The unemployment rate reached one of the lowest ratings for the past 40-plus years. In other words, fewer people are looking for work.

Second is Brexit, which can limit the country’s access to potential employees. Along with the exit will be the changes in the policies regarding hiring foreigners.

One of the most significant issues is a skills mismatch. Studies show that students are not taking the wrong courses. Instead, they do not know the exact steps to take to break into the field that they want to pursue.

A jobs mismatch is a dangerous predicament. Not only can it lead to lower wages; it can also increase company turnover. This can hurt both the cash flow and reputation of the business.

How to Deal with the Skills Shortage

Organisations such as Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd have been helping the country address the supposed skills or job mismatch. First, they work closely with different engineering companies, trying to understand the types of people they need for the job. Second, they screen applicants to ensure that only those suitable for the position can proceed to the advanced levels.

This step is not enough. The government needs to encourage STEM to boost the engineering workforce in the future. Other schools can emulate what well-known universities are doing: counselling their students on their career path.

The effects of not having enough workers can be horrendous. It can stunt the growth of not only a business but also the country. Resolving it as soon as possible is no doubt an important step to take.

Terohan Nula