March 20, 2019
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Man fixing sink

Face it, nothing lasts forever—no matter how well put it is. Maintenance and repairs are part and parcel with being a homeowner. Sooner or later, things will turn faulty or break down altogether. Take the faucet, for instance. That steady trickle of water might turn into a deluge of headaches and expenses if left unchecked. Whenever you see little anomalies in your plumbing, gear up with your tools and get ready for battle.

Fixing it like Felix

Man fixing sinkWhile you may not be lucky enough to be gifted with a magical hammer that instantly fixes everything, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have the stuff to be bonafide handyman. Armed with the right tools and an ample amount of know-how, household plumbing repairs can prove to be a cinch. With the right amount of research and a dose of the DIY spirit, the intricacies of plumbing will unravel itself to you.

As with everything else, plumbing is governed by the most basic rules of nature: gravity, pressure, and water leveling. Plumbing consists of two sub-systems; one that brings freshwater into your house and another that takes water out of it. Of these two, it is the supply system that relies on pressure to give your house all the water supply she needs. Always remember to turn off the main valve before attempting any repairs.

Indeed, a little knowledge goes a long way but beware: it’s a two-edged sword that can cut you down as well.

Fixing it and making sure it stays fixed

Always bear in mind that the longevity of your handiwork comes into play. The reason you’re doing it yourself is to save money. If not done correctly, your quick fix may turn into a quick expense down the line. Should you not have the DIY spirit, the plumbing skills, or the time, it would be best to hire a professional. Go for a consultation and an estimate from your contractor. While it won’t give you the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, it will save you from potential needless expenses.

Terohan Nula