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Applicant discussing with the recruiters

Applicant discussing with the recruiters

Looking for a new job is not easy. It can take you days and months to find one, especially if you are working in a highly specialised area. But things get tougher when it comes to salary negotiation.

There will be times when you think that your package is something that employers and temp agencies in Auckland like Quinn Recruitment will not buy into. But know that you have every right to dictate your worth, provided that there are some concrete bases.

Do not be afraid to negotiate your compensation package. If you do not know how to haggle your price, some pointers can help you deal with it. Here are some of them:

Don’t give your figure right away

One of the golden rules of salary negotiation is giving how much you’re paid by your former or current employer. If you do this, you are giving your future employer the upper hand.They will use your former salary as a benchmark instead of referring to the actual package you are asking. If they ask for your former salary and you do not want to divulge it, politely refuse. Say that you want to be valued based on the work you will do for them.

Back up your claim with data

There will be some cases where your future employer will justify their offer. If they do this, do the same. Justify why you are asking for that particular package. Provide some concrete pieces of evidence that the position you are applying for gets this standard salary package in other companies.

Ask for other things

If they cannot give you the base salary you are asking, you can always ask for other things and benefits. For one, you can ask for food and transportation allowance, flexible working hours, premium health insurance, and bonuses.

Salary negotiation is an art that you need to master throughout your career. If you do not get what you want, you should be willing to walk away.

Terohan Nula