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doctor and stethoscope

doctor and stethoscopeTechnological advancements have been science’s greatest gift to the healthcare industry. It is because of these that the healthcare sector has been able to help people recover from their illnesses successfully; how people get a longer chance of living; and how cures for serious diseases are discovered. Breakthroughs in research, information gathering, patient treatments, and communication paved way for medical providers to develop new tools to practice medicine.

While technology has improved almost all sectors in the society, its greatest effect can be seen in the healthcare industry.

The Internet Has Become the Leading Source of Medical Information

The power of the Internet cannot be underestimated. It has become a great source of information which people can access anytime. According to statistics, more and more people are using the Internet to research medical issues, including the symptoms of diseases, the treatments for minor medical issues, and finding medicines on the web. While it’s not a good idea to skip out a visit to the doctor, the Internet helps patients make more informed decisions about what they need to do next.

The Social Media Helps Reach More and More Patients

Medical practitioners and healthcare facilities, including medical clinics and hospitals, are using the social media to reach more and more patients and to answer questions about diseases. They use different social networking sites to launch and spread awareness campaigns and even perform community outreaches. Some more advanced sites even offer patients real time chats with medical practitioners about different medical issues. Different government organizations also use the social media to spread awareness about new diseases and ways to prevent them.

Saving Millions of Lives

This, perhaps, is the most obvious way technology has improved and changed the healthcare industry. By providing new medicines, more advanced machines, and more effective treatments, technology has helped save the lives of millions of people and improve the chance of recovery of billions of patients. Not only do new medical practices help patients heal more quickly, but they have also improved research and studies so that hospitals in the Philippines can make medical services even more effective. Information technology has also made patient care more reliable and safer than before. Medical practitioners nowadays use handheld devices and computers to record a patient’s medical history and to ensure they are giving the correct treatment.

The different moving stories of how new technology saved the lives of millions of people are enough to prove how technology change lives in practical, everyday terms.

Terohan Nula