LawLaw school is not for the faint hearted; it is not only time-consuming, but all consuming. You must have an unwavering resolve and determination to sift through piles of readings and cases to help you reach your full potential as a lawyer.

There are things you need to know before you decide to enroll in law school.

Proper Background

Doing well in high school and college does not guarantee success. Law school requires a higher level of understanding and analytical skills. A background in legal studies at work or your pre-law college course will help you prepare for the rigors of law school.

A Paralegal Certificate courses online will also equip you for the intensity of law school. Sharpen your analytical skills for understanding, comparing, and analyzing cases with intensive online courses. The Center for Legal Studies explains the need to prepare for all the aspects of law to succeed in law school.

Career Options

Law is a respected field of study, but prospects are not as good as before. Chambers and law firms are reducing the trainees they hire. A law degree does not guarantee that you will be swimming in money before your 40th birthday, or paying your student loan in full after passing the bar. As a matter of fact, there is a discrepancy in income among lawyers working in different fields. The salary of a corporate lawyer is different from a lawyer in criminal litigation. So you should decide which field you want to specialize on.

Paralegal as Preparation for Law School

Becoming a paralegal first will help you prepare for law school, a career as a lawyer, or a career in the legal industry. A program in this field of study involves legal research, reasoning, writing, and the different aspects of the law from real estate to business. This program gives you the knowledge and training you need to become a successful lawyer in the future.

While this is not to discourage you if you want to pursue a law career, you may also consider other related careers if you really want to be part of the legal field, such as a legal secretary or paralegal. The final choice is yours, of course.