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Children having a lesson with their teacher

Children having a lesson with their teacherIt’s not too early to start thinking about summer classes for your children. Some schools, like the New York Summer School of the Arts, are starting to accept applications for its summer courses, where students get to study dances and other performing arts classes. Because competition can be quite tough, you’ll want to secure your child’s spot and prepare them for the audition process as early as possible.

Even if you’re not applying to such a cut-throat program, it will still be good if you start looking at options now. Here are some suggestions:


If your child finds it particularly difficult to juggle math with other subjects, they can benefit from online summer school classes that tackle various mathematical concepts. The American Academy explains that these can help refresh their mind on what they have already studied, and it can also prepare them for the next math subjects they will take when they go back to school. You can also find a dedicated tutor to give them as much help as needed.


There are different kinds of dances that might interest your child. You can even enroll them in more than one class to see where they thrive. Some children will do better in ballet or ballroom dances, while others are more into hip-hop and contemporary dances.


If your child is fond of reading, this can be the summer activity for them. Perhaps you can enroll them in a creative writing class, so they can branch out. After all, the best readers make the best writers. It will be helpful to them if the class covers books that they will tackle in the next school year, to give them a head start on their reading. You can also give them additional summer reading materials to keep their minds active.

There are so many summer classes to consider. Enroll your child in classes that will be interesting and helpful to them.

Terohan Nula