August 25, 2019
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Are you scheduling to tour a high school in Salt Lake City, one that your neighbor has recommended? Or are you prepared to exhaust all the days available before school starts in a few weeks? One caution, though: stay away from the marketing glitter and focus on more important things.

Promotional materials are not always the same with reality. Affordability and use of modern educational technologies are the most common things parent look for. There are other overlooked aspects. So, to get the right decision, ask these questions first.

1. What academic programs does the school offer?

Many high schools, pressured by competition and relevance, have changed or restructured their academic programs. The demands for better university preparation are as robust as ever.

Typically, schools have dual enrollment, advanced placement, and international baccalaureate programs, apart from the most traditional models. Also, look for specialized subjects like journalism or theater that your child may enjoy.

2. Is the school nurturing and culturally diverse?

The life beyond books calls for a nurturing place. Check to see if students enjoy their school. Is the staff culturally sensitive? Are there rules that aim to embrace tolerance? Is the school teaching diversity? Are historical and social issues tackled with vigor?

If a high school has an impeccable school culture, it will teach a child to become more respectful of values, as well as racial and religious differences.

3. What are the rates of graduation and college attendance?

There are many statistics that schools market to show that their school is the best school your child can ever attend. Beyond the cost of learning, parents must evaluate how their teachers for higher learning are preparing students.

The best stats to consider above all others are graduation rate and college attendance rate. These stats are what you, as a parent, want to know. They only speak of quality in teaching.

High school is a critical period for your child’s college and professional dreams. To have a great career after university, proper preparation is required in high school. So look beyond cost and the trappings of a modern school.

Terohan Nula