July 19, 2019
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TattooWhen people say they’re getting inked, what comes to mind is usually an ankle or a lower back tattoo of an ethnic symbol or custom art. The boyfriend or girlfriend’s name is also a possibility on top of their list.

Of course, in aesthetic reinvention, getting a tattoo means having one’s eyebrows inked (through a process called microblading) or lips permanently sporting a shade of rouge. Trends today surely continue to surprise us, especially with the latest beauty tattoo trend of freckles.

Freckles is Becoming a Thing

Reports on Fox News and Allure revealed that women are getting freckles tattooed on their face to make their skin appear more natural, post-makeup. Citing a report from AOL, Fox News reported that tattoo artists ink the freckles on the customer’s face depending on the latter’s natural freckle line.

The media outlet also said that as with most tattoos, some swelling would occur on the site though it will subside eventually after a couple of days. The trend was apparently caused by an experiment of a Montreal-based tattoo artist, whose friend requested the tattoo on herself, Allure reported. The freckles are semi-permanent and will be completely gone within months.

On Getting a Freckles Tattoo

Freckles tattoo procedures are still not as widespread, so consumers should exercise caution in availing this type of service. Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills reminds that if you’re having a cosmetic procedure done by a facial plastic surgeon, like rhinoplasty, freckles on your cheeks or forehead could definitely add some character to your facial profile.

Freckles could also draw the attention away from some work done on your face, but it remains to be seen whether cosmetic doctors would recommend you getting them tattooed. Maybe a good idea is to draw yours with makeup instead for the meantime until the trend picks up.

Think of getting freckles tattoo? Have you already gotten one? Then the above-mentioned details should give you an idea.

Terohan Nula