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Mineral water

Mineral waterDrinking is routine to many gym goers and athletes as it replenishes the liquids lost during intense workout. Failing to rehydrate may cause nausea, illness, cramps and weakness.

Once you feel the symptoms of dehydration, you probably considered drinking water or sports drinks. There are advantages and disadvantages of drinking either one, but you have to carefully consider which one provides the most benefits.

The Case for Sports Drinks

Sports drinks, specifically Gatorade, did not make it into the mainstream market until Michael Jordan guzzled one down for an ad. Since then, regular folks have begun taking these formulated drinks to replenish lost fluids after exercising.

Sports drinks contain sodium that increases the body’s ability to retain liquids, which helps you stay hydrated during your workout. This is ideal for exercises that last for more than an hour because during these programs, our body loses a lot of liquid.

You also have to consider the absorption rate of the liquids you drink, if you want to prevent dehydration. The electrolytes and sugar present in sports drink affect the way our body absorbs water.

Sugar and electrolyte composition of the drink controls the absorption rate of the small intestine and the speed at which it leaves the stomach. The levels of these ingredients in sports drinks help your body recover from the liquids lost, but only to a certain extent.

They are not advisable for certain exercises, and the length of your activity also affects your choice between a bottle of Gatorade or water.

Why Drink Water Instead

PurityWater.com.au agrees that water may not contain the same levels of sugars and electrolytes that sports drinks have. But it is still the better option for rehydration in any situation, not just during strenuous activities.

Sports drinks contain plenty of calories and sugars that may counteract your exercise programs, if you plan on losing weight fast. The body has a difficult time absorbing liquids with high amounts of sugar, like a bottle of Gatorade. Water passes through the body easily while providing the liquids it needs to stay cool and replenish any fluids lost while working out.

There are pros and cons to drinking sports drinks during exercises, consider the length of your program or the kind of activity you do before buying a bottle. Water is a universal drink that the body easily absorbs. Drink water instead to stay hydrated without worrying about the calorie or sugar content of what you consume.

Terohan Nula