March 20, 2019
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Man Smiling With Missing TeethMissing teeth can be bad news for individuals looking for jobs. The dental problem can stop you from smiling, and may also affect your self-confidence. Both may hinder your chances for employment.

One way to solve this problem is through dental implants. Smile World Dental explains that implants function as artificial roots that support the replacement of a missing tooth. But whether it’s one tooth or a couple of teeth, experts now deem the problem as a chronic medical condition.

Missing Teeth: A Chronic Medical Condition?

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry deemed missing teeth as a chronic medical condition during National Prosthodontics Awareness Week in April. During this event, the institution educated the public about oral health issues and various tooth replacement options.

Missing teeth can lead to bone loss and change in bite, and cause systemic diseases, such as diabetes. When individuals wait to get a replacement, it can pose a challenge to treatment.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry states that over 35 million people suffer from missing teeth in one or both jaws. Around 15 million people replace these with crowns and bridges while 3 million Americans have implants. In the case of the latter, however, the number of people that undergo the procedure grow by 500,000 per year.

Damaging Job Prospects

Not only can missing teeth result in poor nutrition and systemic diseases, but it can also affect your psychological well-being, which can hinder you from functioning properly in the workplace. In the case of those seeking employment, the dental problem can affect performance during an interview.

A survey reveals that around 38% of applicants fail to smile during an interview and this can greatly affect your potential employers’ perception of your drive to work for them.

Because of technological advancements in the field of dentistry each year, practitioners find out more ways to make oral health maintenance safer and more comfortable. With dental implants, it has surpassed dentures and bridges in terms of providing natural-looking replacements for missing teeth.



Terohan Nula