February 16, 2019
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Air is not just a life-sustaining element, as it can also put your health at risk. The presence of disease-causing airborne organisms can pose danger. They can enter your body as long as you’re breathing.

Any workplace requires environmental monitoring to prevent the spread of microbes in the air. No matter how clean a working area might appear, the absence of visible danger doesn’t mean the place is free from harmful substances. That’s why environmental consultancy truly matters to any business.  A company that specialises in keeping occupational hygiene in check does more than just spotting the obvious hazards in the workplace.

Identifying Hazardous Substances

Environmental consultants have the right tools to find and monitor hazards in the place of work. They’re capabilities are not limited to a single form of threat. Consultants can spot solid, liquid, and gaseous hazards that can affect the quality of air workers are exposed. Each kind of harmful substance can affect a person’s health differently. Through comprehensive air monitoring assessment, you can safeguard your workers from indoor air pollutions and maintain a high level of productivity in business.

Determining Hazards Based on the Environment

The types of air hazards present in your workplace depend on the nature of your work. The fluids used in metalwork and substance emitted from spray paints can cause respiratory problems. Diesel fumes can be cancerous,while breathable silica can lead to lung diseases. Even substances as common as dusts can trigger graver health conditions than you might think.

While eliminating the presence of harmful substances is virtually impossible with your business activities, proper environment monitoring can keep them in safe levels. Consultants can measure the actual amount of airborne threats and come up with solutions to reduce their risks.

Complying with COSHH Regulations

Comprehensive air monitoring will help your company meet the terms of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Environmental consultants can check if your current control measures are in line with COSHH regulations.

Safeguarding your workers’ welfare is easy with health and consultancy companies. Air Tech Environmental Consultancy, for instance, can provide tailor-fit solutions to help businesses take the right steps to reduce the risks of airborne hazards. Click this link for more information on air quality monitoring.

Terohan Nula