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a woman with a great smile

a woman with a great smileVery often, cosmetic dentistry in Belfast happens in small treatments to fix problems as they occur, such as a chip or staining. But sometimes, people who have been too afraid to go to the dentist or have somehow let their teeth get into quite a state will need more than just a single treatment, they need a dentist who can give them a smile makeover.

A smile makeover is when a dentist looks at the whole smile rather than individual teeth, and works out a treatment plan to enhance it. A smile makeover usually involves a combination of treatments to refresh the smile, possibly even some facial rejuvenation treatments as well as dental treatments. Finding a good dentist for this kind of cosmetic dentistry in Belfast means looking for dentists with artistic skills as well as dental skills for the smile makeover is all about creating a natural-looking overall effect. Lots of dentists in Northern Ireland offer cosmetic dentistry, including Blue Sky Dentistry.

Lost Teeth

If the smile to be made over includes lost or failing teeth then often the first treatment is to remove failing teeth and put in new ones, or, if it has been a while and the other teeth have drifted into the gaps, to realign them and make proper spaces for the replacement teeth. Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast will use braces to realign the teeth. Replacement teeth could be dentures or bridges or dental implants.

Improving Damaged Teeth

Other teeth that are damaged in some ways can be repaired and made good with either veneers or cosmetic bonding. Veneers are pre-made, bespoke sheaths of porcelain that are fixed onto the front of the teeth. Cosmetic bonding is the same principle but done with white filling composite which is sculpted over the teeth and then hardened with a UV light. Both can last for years if well taken care of.


Some people suffer from too much gum when they smile. Sometimes this can be fixed with simple surgery to remove the muscle that pulls the top lip too far up when smiling. Other times it means removing excess gum tissue with a laser that seals as it cuts, resulting in very little blood loss.

Terohan Nula