August 21, 2019
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Eating too much and spending the entire day on the couch are the primary causes of obesity for most. But, as it turns out, there are more things you probably did not know that can lead to that flabby tummy.

It is important to know about sneaky diet spoilers, especially if you are on a mission to lose weight and stay fit. The following is a quick list of things that can make you fat:

1. Not getting enough sleep

You may have a busy life that keeps you from getting enough beauty rest. Experts from Marie France Bodyline suggest that less than seven hours of sleep a night has a strong link to increased body weight. They also explain that when a person sleeps longer, the obesity gene has a minimal effect on weight. If you like staying up late at night to catch your favourite TV shows, it may be wise to skip it and hit the sack early. Don’t worry about missing out. There’s the ever-reliable internet, remember?

2. Keeping the lights on at night

Keeping the lights on at night can alter your eating habits, thus making you gain weight. Research says that even a small amount of light can affect the body’s internal clock, including metabolic processes. Experts say that eating meals late at night, when you should already be sleeping, can add a few inches to your waist.

3. Stressing out

Chronic stress triggers cortisol and insulin. When this happens, your appetite increases and you are more likely to turn to high-calorie sweets and fats. Fighting stress with food will restore a calm, relaxed mode. As soon as you feel the good effect disappears, you will start craving for what restored your calm, relaxed mode: more food.

4. Turning on the AC

Experts say that when you have a comfortable temperature at home, the body doesn’t need to work on warming or cooling. Try to minimise use of the air conditioner. It will help you reduce weight and cut electricity costs.

Take note of these things that may be making you fat. Avoid these things and say goodbye to flabby tummy and arms.

Terohan Nula