August 21, 2019
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Couple smiling at each other

Having a great smile takes time and effort. It’s hard to imagine but nearly every great smile, and Lord knows there are plenty about these days, is the work of a cosmetic dentist. In Barnsley, smiles have been improving over the years as more treatments to enhance them have become available.

The trick to getting a great smile is to find a great cosmetic dentist. In Barnsley, that means finding one that has plenty of experience and a good eye, perhaps PDC Dental is one to investigate.

Being a cosmetic dentist in Barnsley is not just about knowing how to use the instruments and materials, but also how to make the teeth fit the mouth and face. Veneers can be too big, or the wrong colour. Cosmetic bonding means being able to be a sculptor as well as a dentist. All of this takes dexterity and experience in being able to assess someone visually and know how to line up teeth, make sure they are the right size and shape so that they blend in and give the person a great smile, but a natural looking one. Don’t end up like singer LeAnn Rimes, who, back in 2013, sued her dentist, claiming they had messed up her smile with dodgy veneers.

A cosmetic dentist can alter almost anything about the teeth and often also do work on the gums too. The colour, shape, size and alignment of the teeth can all be changed. Teeth that have failed and fallen out can be replaced. Gums can be reshaped. There is a variety of treatments available. Some take longer to complete than others.

Perhaps the quickest treatment is whitening, which can give stained teeth a boost in around an hour in the dental clinic. The longer treatments are cosmetic braces, which take several weeks even months to do their job. This is because realigning teeth involves the break down and rebuilding of the jawbone and that can only go as fast as the body decides.

Treatments can be carried out individually on an ad hoc basis, or in combination in a package known as a smile makeover.

Terohan Nula