October 21, 2018
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fieryRedheads often stand out from the crowd because of their unnatural hair color, the tendency to freckle, and fair skin that clashes with their fiery mane. While these common things set redheads apart from others, there are actually a lot more that make these people different.

A 2005 study shows that people with auburn hair may be more sensitive to thermal pain. They also have less eumelanin, which is the pigment responsible for their skin and hair color. With less supply of this pigment, people with red mane are more likely to get sunburned easily with just a little exposure to the sun. This also makes them more vulnerable to skin cancer or similar diseases.

Redheads may be susceptible to these problems, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do anything to protect themselves. Experts recommend wearing sunscreen to keep their skin protected just like everybody else. Applying UV protectant spray may also help preserve those red tresses for a beautiful look altogether.

Terohan Nula