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A woman having facial surgery

A woman having facial surgeryMany quickly look to surgery to enhance the look on their face. Just ask Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab. While you can only correct some imperfections through surgery, there are other problems that have natural remedies.

Women mainly worry the most being that society and the media have pressured them to look a certain way. Find out common facial issues and how to correct them naturally.

1. Eye bags

Regardless of age or gender eye bags are not a new sight for anyone. They can, however, you can manage this by following a strict diet as well as creating and sticking to good habits.

Some of these habits include sleeping on your back, reducing your salt intake, exercising, quitting smoking and reducing your intake of alcoholic drinks.

2. Crooked teeth

A visit to the dentist to get fitted for custom clear teeth aligners is a splendid idea to get those teeth in place. They are invisible and do a good job of straightening your teeth without surgery. It may take a while before you see results, but continuous use will eventually get you there.

3. Acne

Acne can come about as a result of hormonal imbalance or poor facial hygiene habits. Drinking plenty of water helps tighten and rejuvenate the skin while cleansing it of all impurities from the inside out.

Alternatively, a mask made of honey and cinnamon helps supply the skin with antioxidant and antibacterial properties. This easily clears the skin to give you your desired glow.

4. Dry or oily skin

Slice a piece of Aloe Vera and squeeze out the jelly-like clear substance. Apply the gel all over your face and let it stay for at least 30 minutes. After that, rinse with cold water. This method works for both dry and oily skin. Regular aloe Vera treatments are an almost sure way of giving you normal skin.

Alternative conventional remedies may incorporate the use of some of these natural substances. It is advisable however to go for pure organic honey for your masks and the Aloe Vera leaf for your scrub.

Terohan Nula