July 23, 2019
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Nurse caring an elderly woman

You might not want to admit it, but there would come a time when you’ll need more assistance to do even the simplest of things. Seeking help is something one should not be ashamed of. But old people like your parents might be feeling shy to ask for one. As the child, knowing when to seek assistance to help your loved ones live a comfortable life can be tricky.

Senior home health care services in Denver offer different kinds of aid. They vary depending on the patient’s needs. It’s your responsibility to know when your loved ones need to have such assistance. Here are signs worth taking note of:

1. Poor Hygiene

If your parent is smelly, does not look made up for the occasion, and is living as if a typhoon hit their home, then it’s one of the most common signs that they need help.

2. Limited Mobility

Difficulty in standing, moving around, and doing basic things can lead to avoidable accidents. Having someone around to reach that top drawer, or help your parent stand up from the sofa can help them live a more comfortable life.

3. On Medication

If your parent requires medication that’s essential for daily life, then having a professional health care provider to make sure that the medications are taken on time would be practical.

4. Frequent Falls/Accidents

Are ER visits becoming more frequent because of slips and falls? Renovating the house to be more elderly friendly, as well as having someone to assist your loved one 24/7 can help these things from happening again and again.

5. Forgetfulness and Mood Swings

If your parent is showing early signs of mental instability like forgetfulness and extreme mood swings and is diagnosed with dementia or any mental condition, seeking professional help is ideal.

There is no shame in seeking help. It is for your parent’s safety and your peace of mind. Contact your local health care provider now.

Terohan Nula