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Hazardous SubstanceHazardous substances and chemicals may be harmful to people and the environment, yet they can also be valuable ingredients in businesses and, most notably, industries. When you manufacture or supply such substances, your employees should be well informed on how to handle hazardous chemicals.

Label for Safety

As a business, Unimax, a label maker company in New Zealand, stresses the need for properly orienting customers about the substances they will be using. You can easily inform them through the chemical labels on the containers of the substances.

A labelling solutions company can help you label your products, but you can learn the basic guidelines of hazardous material marking.

Use Online Guides

When labelling harmful substances, you can refer to online resources from the Hazardous Substances Toolbox and other sources. In these resources, you can find the pictograms, signal words, and hazard and precautionary statements for every kind of dangerous substance. You can only copy such information onto your chemical labels.

Step 1

The labelling standard used here in New Zealand is the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). Under the GHS system, when you have a substance that poisons through two or more routes of exposure, you must provide the hazard and precautionary statements for each of the classifications on the label. However, you only need to place the pictogram and signal word of the higher ranking.

Step 2

After performing Step 1, change the hazard and precautionary codes into text on the label, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s guide can help you write the codes into different variations.

Step 3

The third step entails you to follow certain principles to prevent additional labelling and duplication.

You can further consult the guides mentioned above to know what to ask from a labelling solutions provider. The labels on your products, if done accurately, can help ensure the safety of all those who will come to use them.

Terohan Nula