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healthy bowl with quinoa rice

Eating gourmet food today does not necessarily require a trip to the most expensive restaurant in your locality. You can now whip up gourmet meals right in your kitchen with a few specialty ingredients. One of these is quinoa, which is perfect for South American dishes.

Quinoa is a low-carb, complete protein grain, as it has all the essential amino acids. Getting your quinoa from trusted organic ingredients suppliers assures you of the healthiest grain. This is because organic quinoa is pesticide-free, fresh, and generally contains more nutrients compared to other varieties. There are different variants of quinoa, but the following are the primary ones:

White Quinoa

This variety is the most common one available. It has an ivory or tan color rather than a pure white one. White quinoa is generally sweeter and contains a milder flavor compared to other varieties. It will hence not overpower your dishes’ taste. About one-quarter cup of this quinoa has 5g protein, 30g carbohydrates, and 3g fat.

Black Quinoa

This variety has a crunchy, earthy, and hearty taste. The crunchy texture of black quinoa remains after cooking, though its color turns inky. It cooks more rapidly compared to red and white quinoa, but it is somewhat more fibrous than these two varieties. In most cases, you might need to make a special order for black quinoa from your supplier since it is not always readily available.

Red Quinoa

This type of quinoa has a color ranging from vivid orange to a dark red shade when uncooked and brownish when cooked. Red quinoa has an earthy fruity taste and contains the most nutrients among all quinoa grain types. It also retains its contour when served, making it the best option for cold salads.

With the above varieties, it is now possible to consume grains without worrying about excessive carbohydrates. The variation of taste in the quinoa varieties makes them suitable for different meals. This ingredient should always be present in your gourmet meal ingredients cabinet.

Terohan Nula