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risk-of-osteoporosisUS researchers have found that obesity might increase the risk for osteoporosis. The researchers discovered that some of the overweight people had hidden fat within their bones which could predispose them to weak bones and make them prone to fractures.

The study conducted by the Harvard Medical School team in Boston did body scans on 106 healthy but obese people of both genders. The observations of the study have been published in the journal Radiology.

Findings of the Study

The body scans conducted showed that people carry fat not only on the hips and thighs, but also in some hidden places like the liver and bone marrow. Dr. Miriam Bridella, who carried out the study, said that it is the bone marrow where the bone cells are formed. If however, the marrow is taken over by fat cells, this would weaken the bones,she reasoned.

Bridella continued that while once it was thought that obesity might protect against bone loss, her study confirmed that this was not true.

Terohan Nula