July 19, 2019
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SleepingYou may have gotten used to working when everyone else is fast asleep. But, this might not be a good enough reason to keep that night shift work. Research shows doing graveyard shift may put the body at risk. Not only do you have to worry about the dangers that might be lurking when the sun is down, but also the strain of adjusting your body clock.

Accumulating Negative Energy

A person working graveyard shifts is more likely to suffer from sleep disorder and fatigue. After a night of answering ER calls at the hospital, you’d want nothing more than just to lie down on a quality latex mattress from stores like SleepWarehouse.com.

Lack of sleep may not only disrupt your body functions, but also your cognitive abilities. It might be harder to think straight when your brain is not fully awake. Poor judgement in a weakened body could be dangerous when you’re a police officer patrolling at night or a doctor attending to a patient.

Studies also show that working in the graveyard shift may be a factor for heart- and cancer-related risks. Researchers attribute graveyard work as to having constant jet lag. While the body adapts to your sleep cycle changes, you’re putting a strain on your well-being.

Night time is Rest Time

According to the Bureau Labor Statistics, around 15 million Americans work the night shifts either as a permanent job or in a rotating schedule. Many of these include police work, radio DJs, club dancers and owners, and medical professionals.

Physiological psychologist Charmane Eastman, PhD, points out that working at night reverses the body’s natural circadian rhythm. This rhythm is responsible for controlling your hormones, mood, alertness, and body temperature. These work together and tell you when to sleep. By working at night, you are fighting against your body.

Not all is lost, though. Researchers are finding ways to counteract some of the effects of graveyard work shifts. For now, those who are working at night must maintain a healthy lifestyle to make up for the sleep they lost.

Terohan Nula