August 21, 2019
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What do hair loss, liver disease, and anorexia have in common? Possible mold infestations, that’s what.  Health journals suggest that all three and a host of other health hazards are often related to the presence of molds in your household.  While further studies are still being conducted to draw a conclusive line, would you risk it?  The best way to protect your family is to keep your home mold-free.

shwazHere are some tips to eliminate the threat of mold infestations at home:

Look for the Usual Suspects

Molds and mildews grow where it’s dark and damp. Start checking your basement, the plumbing under the sink, the a/c shaft and your bathroom sink.  These are areas where molds grow.  If you can stop them from taking up residence in these areas, you stop them from infesting your home in the future. Hire a professional to help measure the humidity level in your household.  A mold remediation company in San Francisco can do the job well. Ask for their assessment, follow their recommendations, and say goodbye to molds before they even invade your home.

Destroy All Evidence

If in case you find telltale signs of molds and mildews, destroy all evidence.  Remove the affected object out of your home and get rid of it immediately.  Chemical sprays from the local hardware store helps, but barely.  Moisture is one of the factors that invite mold infestation so make sure your home is dry and well ventilated.  If you can keep moisture out, you’re more than halfway to keeping molds out permanently.

If All Else Fails, Call for Professional Help

If the infestation has gone out of control and you simply can’t deal with the situation on your own, call for professional help.  These people are equipped with experience and the skill to eliminate your mold problems.

Start with Southwest Hazard Control.  They’re more than able to keep molds and mildews out of your home permanently.  Do your family a favor and treat similar household concerns with urgency.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Terohan Nula