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Hand on the gear

Hand on the gearAlcohol is a powerful depressant drug, and similar to a sedative or tranquilizer, it slows down the function of the brain and the rest of the body.

Alcohol affects your ability to process information and make judgements. It also impairs vision and consciousness. No amount of coffee or soft drink can sober you up —only time can do that. This is why you should never drink and drive. DUI attorneys deal with millions of drunk driving cases every year and according to statistics, three people are killed in alcohol-related highway crashes every two hours.

Here’s how alcohol can affect your driving skills:


Judgment, which is your body’s ability to make responsible decisions, is greatly affected when you drink. Your reasoning and attentiveness are quickly reduced, even with a blood alcohol concentration as low as .02 percent.


Say you’re driving down Interstate 75 in Atlanta, your ability to concentrate can be impaired if you’re under the influence of alcohol. This includes anything from starting the car, shifting the transmission to the correct gear, stepping on the pedals, steering, to checking the road for hazards.


According to local health professionals and some DUI lawyers in Georgia, your ability to understand situations, signs, and signals is significantly reduced when you drink. You’ll have a hard time responding quickly to certain traffic situations along the interstate, which puts you at risk of getting in an accident.


Alcohol impairs your ability to coordinate motor skills, from walking to the car to putting the key in the ignition. This loss of coordination can affect your reaction time and ability to react.

Vision and Hearing Acuity

Alcohol decreases visual acuity by up to 32 percent, according to studies. It dilates your pupils, and reduces your peripheral vision, resulting in tunnel vision syndrome. It also reduces your ability to hear muffling sounds and determine the sounds’ origin.

There’s nothing wrong with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. Studies even suggest it has some health benefits. But you should never pair it with driving if you don’t want to risk your safety.


Terohan Nula