August 23, 2019
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Wondering what’s the most discreet way to get straighter teeth? In St John’s Wood, Invisalign is proving to be a hit with people with mild to moderate misalignments.

Invisalign in St John’s Wood is available from dentists who have done training with the company and have been accredited. Dentists are not allowed to offer this treatment unless they are accredited. Dental practices in the area that offer this way of straightening teeth include Aura Dental.

What Invisalign is not

Invisalign is different from traditional braces in that it does not use brackets and wires cemented onto the teeth and then tightened periodically to pull them into position.

What Invisalign is

Instead, Invisalign uses a series of very thin plastic mouthguards that fit over the teeth like an exoskeleton. The plastic is so thin that, once the aligners are in place, they are very difficult to spot.

Moving the teeth is achieved by the careful placement of bumps and ridges on the tooth side of the aligners. These press on the teeth at carefully prescribed angles to get them to move. It takes about 7-10 days for the teeth to move and, once the pressure wears off, the teeth are moved once again by putting in the next aligner in the series.

The big pluses of wearing Invisalign

Invisalign has 2 big pluses. Firstly, as mentioned above, once the aligners are on, they are very hard to spot. This means people can go about their daily business without feeling self-conscious about their teeth straightening treatment.

Secondly, the aligners are removable for all meals and drinks except plain water. It may be a bit of a faff to remove them to eat, then clean the teeth thoroughly before putting the aligners back in, but this is nothing when compared to having to live on a limited diet for months on end so as to avoid foods that clog up or break bracket and wire braces. Cleaning is also much quicker than cleaning food out from behind traditional braces.

Treatments with Invisalign take 12 months on average and patients need to wear a retainer afterwards.

Terohan Nula