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a child with her dentist and parentsDoes your toddler have trouble brushing teeth? Do you think his teeth won’t grow straight? For most parents, the first complaint of a toothache can be worrisome as they think about how to convince them to sit in that chair. Should you tell them about what a dentist does or should you say that she’s Doc McStuffins?

3RiversDental.com believes that knowing more about a dentist can help ease a patient’s dental anxiety. And that would do just the same with your child. Here are three tips to help make it easier whenever your child needs to see his dentist.

1. Bring your child with you to your appointment

When you go in for a cleaning or to have your teeth examined, bring your child with you. Let your dentist know you’re educating him, so she can also help with a little information. Remember to stay calm and to answer your child’s questions after.

2. Introduce them early

Children can easily adjust to new situations. So, the earlier they meet their dentists, the easier it’s going to be for them to accept each check-up. They say you can bring your child in as soon as he turns 1.

3. Avoid saying “Everything’s going to be fine.”

This may come out on instinct for most parents. But if you say it, and turns out your child needs treatment that can cause a little discomfort, your child may lose trust in you and his dentist. Instead, you can say more supporting words like “I’ll be right here.” or “You can hold my hand.”

Remember that your child will pick up everything that you do. So, be sure to keep a positive tone and attitude every time you talk to the dentist. If he sees that you’re okay with it, he’ll be okay with it, too.

Terohan Nula