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hearing aid

Hearing loss, whether inborn or developed, gravely affects the quality of life of a person. Those who suffer from hearing problems tend to have speech problems as well. According to studies, an individual who lost the sense of sound is four times more likely to have psychological disturbances, exacerbating the behaviour.

hearing aidNoise is perhaps the leading cause of hearing loss. This depends on the intensity, duration, and the frequency a person hears noise. Too much noise can cause health problems, according to experts. That is why the local government of Brisbane strictly implements noise regulating laws in the city.

Building and Construction Sites

The construction process is naturally noisy–ground drilling, metal clanking, trucks revving, machines whirling, and workers shouting. Brisbane law limits the irritating sound these areas produce. Contractors must consult their construction lawyers before carrying out the building work to avoid problems.

No noise is allowed during 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. on Mondays to Saturdays and any time during Sundays and public holidays. If noises are heard during these periods, a fine may be issued to the contractor.

Residential Homes

Noise is strongly regulated because it can disturb sleep and interfere with certain activities. In residential communities, sound can be easily heard as these places are meant to be quiet, especially at night. The typical sources of noises in the suburbs are the air conditioning unit, house pets, and tools and equipment.

In Brisbane, noises caused by inanimate objects are fined if found exceeding the limit. No fine is given for animal noises, as they are less likely to be controlled. For tools and maintenance equipment such as compressors or generators, ducted vacuuming systems, lawn mowers, impacting tools, chainsaws, drills, and sanders, the authorities may levy a fine if found violating its limits.

Authoritative Limitations and Exemptions

The city council, however, does not deal with certain noises. Complaints about music, loud stereos, parties, rowdy behaviour and burglar alarms are handled by the police. State government properties or activities that are regulated by the state government are likewise not handled by the council. Noises created from traffic and railway signals, road vehicles, road maintenance, or water and sewage servicing are all exempted from the noise regulation laws based on The Environmental Protection Act 1994.

Your ears cannot adjust well from excessive or painful sounds. Too much exposure to noise can damage the hearing ability of people, which can lead to severe consequences. Keep your ears healthy by taking time off the noises. You can help others by not creating any unwanted nuisance.

Terohan Nula