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Back Pain

Back PainThe past few years showed a slow growth in America’s automobile ownership. Despite this, Americans are still one of the biggest automobile users in the world, with 786 motor vehicle ownership per 1000 of the country’s population. This large percentage also equates to the high rate of road mishaps involving drunk driving, road rage, and other unforeseen events.

Utah’s road statistics doesn’t hold a significant place in terms of ownership and accidents, but it doesn’t mean that citizens should ignore the situation. The state still holds an alarming number of casualties involving motor vehicles. Not all occasions result in death, however, but any type of damage is worth considering. The site says auto injury treatment for Utah car owners is necessary as soon as they encounter an accident. Even though they didn’t feel any grave danger immediately, chances are, the complication will surface later.

Here are common ignored injuries during a car accident:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Most of the time, a person who acquires this type of shock doesn’t realize it at the time. Eventually, the damage will show itself and affect the person’s lifestyle. Despite the categorization between mild and severe cases, unmonitored TBI can lead to:

• Altered consciousness
• Seizures
• Fluid buildup
• Infections
• Blood vessel damage
• Nerve damage
• Intellectual problems
• Communication problems
• Behavioral changes
• Emotional changes
• Sensory problems
• Degenerative brain diseases


This type of shock happens when a person felt an impact on the upper part of the body, specifically on the tissues in the shoulders and neck. This is the result when the person resting in a position receives a strong hit from behind, forcing his or her head on an extended forward position, and then backward. Without proper handling, whiplash may result in severe pain spreading to the arms.

Back Injury

This part is the most common recipient of road accident damage, and the most ignored. This may range from sprains to fractures. Untreated back pains may cause long lasting discomfort and pain for the victim.

Insignificant rankings and less publicity don’t mean issues regarding road accidents can be overlooked. Seek medical attention as soon as you figure yourself into a road mishap, no matter how fine you feel. Still, prevention is better than cure, so remember to be a responsible car owner and drive safely.

Terohan Nula