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woman experiencing fatigue

woman experiencing fatigueA normal person who had a long day at work would only need to rest at home to feel refreshed and recharged for the next day. But for one who is suffering from adrenal or chronic fatigue, no amount of sleep, power naps, caffeine, or energy drinks could boost his or her body and spirit up. He or she constantly feels tired and non-functional.

Luckily, wellness centers like redriverhealthandwellness.com can help manage these two types of fatigue. But before visiting a health professional, it pays to know more about the condition and how they differ from each other.

Difference between adrenal and chronic fatigue

Adrenal and chronic fatigue are often interchanged and confused with each other because they are both characterized by extreme burnout. But, that’s not the sole determinant of such conditions. The difference between adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue is often found in different factors like its source and its management methods.

Adrenal fatigue is characterized by overworking adrenal glands. This organ is responsible for releasing hormones needed by the body and someone suffering from adrenal fatigue is a result of a prolonged state of stress. One’s hectic lifestyle is often a culprit, and the condition develops over time. People with chronic fatigue, on the other hand, develop the condition due to unknown causes. It can be triggered by bacteria, viruses, and generally a low immune system. While there are triggers, the cause remains to be unknown and thus cannot be fully treated.

How to cope with the condition

Chronic fatigue has no cure. But adrenal fatigue can be managed with a proper dose of necessary medication as well as lifestyle changes. Sometimes, simply slowing down to catch a breath and enjoy life can help your adrenal glands slowly recover to a good shape.

Think you might be suffering from any of these conditions? Observe yourself and consult with your doctor to properly manage it.

Terohan Nula