August 21, 2019
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Hearing loss is among the most common chronic conditions affecting the American population. According to USA Today, this affects about 20% of the youth. “Kids are growing up in a noisier world,” Brian Fligor, director of diagnostic audiology at Children’s Hospital Boston, says.

A person can lose their hearing ability temporarily or permanently. You’re lucky if it’s only a temporary loss because it’ll heal after a few days. Permanent hearing loss, however, means that your ear’s function won’t return to its original state. When this happens, the most effective solution is to look for an audiologist who can recommend a hearing aid.

Here’s what you need to know before buying such equipment:

Check Up

Schedule an appointment with your regular doctor to find out the cause of your hearing loss, such as earwax, infection, and tumor. Ask for a referral if you don’t know a reputable audiologist within your area. These experts can test your hearing ability, so they can find the best hearing aid for your needs. They can also recommend a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that has connections with suppliers of high quality hearing aid products.

Trial Period

Many hearing aid companies offer an adaptation period to customers, as it might take a while before they’ll get used to the product. This adaptation period will decide if they feel that their hearing aids are useful or not. In some instances, there are customers that want to change their current hearing aid. Make sure that you have a written agreement, so you know what you need to pay.

Upcoming Needs

Check if the hearing aid has a residual amplification, so you don’t have to buy a new one in case your hearing gets worse. This amplification feature measures the volume that goes through the hearing aid, allowing you to adjust the signals received. Check the warranty to make sure that the company covers everything from the parts to labor.

Hearing loss is among the most unfortunate events that can happen to a person. Don’t feel sad about it, though, because the best hearing aid companies can help you improve your hearing abilities.

Terohan Nula