July 19, 2019
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a dental check up

a dental check upIt is that time of year again, when a six-monthly visit to the dentist in W1 is due. On top of taking good care of the teeth at home, a trip to the dentist is required. The check-ups ensure that any signs of gum disease or unusual behaviour going on in the mouth are caught early. They are able to give advice on any brushing techniques or specific tools the patient may need. Importantly, the mouth is also where dentists can spot major problems or diseases, such as oral cancer.

Whilst brushing and flossing are good practice, they are not enough to maintain good oral health and check-ups at a dentist in W1 are also necessary.

Scrubbing squeaky clean teeth

TheW1 dentist will also recommend a visit to the hygienist, so that the teeth can be professionally by scaling and polishing. The hygienist will use particular tools to scale away plaque that has hardened into tartar, and paste to polish the teeth so that plaque finds it harder to build up.

The hygienist removes hardened plaque to prevent the swollen or bleeding gums that are a sign of gum disease. When combined with a good oral health routine, a trip to the hygienist can stop the early stages of gum disease. If not, the later stages can result in patients having to say goodbye to their natural teeth, as they the later stages of gum disease attacks the bone, loosening teeth, which can fall out.

More than just a place for the processing of food, the mouth is a vital part of the human body, and someone’s oral health can affect the health of the rest of the body. If the mouth is neglected, complications can lead to heart disease, respiratory problems and diabetes.

Poor oral hygiene can also cause bad breath. Regular trips to the hygienist can help prevent this. The cleaning of teeth can also prevent the build-up of stains caused by everyday eating and drinking habits, increasing people’s confidence in their overall appearance.

A trip to the hygienist is a tooth’s trip to the spa and can patients to keep their teeth in their optimum state of health at home.

Terohan Nula