A thunderstorm happening over a house Do you know that there are about 40,000 thunderstorms all over the world every day? According to The National Severe Storm Laboratory (NSSL), it can create flood, tornadoes, lightning, and damaging winds, which normally happens in the United States.

Wherever you are, you might have experienced strong winds in your location. The damages it can do can be immeasurable. The question now is how confident are you that your home can withstand the test of nature?

Here are some tips on how to prepare and avoid wind damage in your property:

Make a Plan with the Family Ahead of Time

Once you’ve heard or read the wind advisory, it is best to make the family aware of what’s happening. Preparing an emergency bag or kit where there are important items that you can use for survival is a must. You may want to include some basic tools, such as flashlight and matches, money, canned food, and medicine.

Unitedstatesadjusters.com also recommends securing copies of documents such as insurance policies, identifications, and certifications, as these are important when filing a wind damage claim.

Look around outside the House

The wind can damage or destroy any unfastened objects around the house. So check everything and make sure nothing outside the house will just fly like a bullet. You’ll never know how much damage it could create and you don’t want that to happen.

Check the Trees

If your house is surrounded by trees, it’s the best time of the year to trim them down. Be sure to remove high and weak branches. Fallen branches can cause more damage.

Secure Your Doors and Windows​

Strong winds can easily damage doors and windows. It is important to put additional protection features to strengthen them. Doing so can help you avoid injuries due to broken glasses.

Remember to stay calm and keep your presence of mind. Keep your family safe and secure before and during the disaster. Finally, you can look for a company that will help you maximize the insurance for your wind damage claim.