July 19, 2019
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Dirty brown teethYou may not have known it, but the condition of your teeth can tell a lot about what is going on with your overall health. A set of healthy teeth communicates that you are generally healthy.

But if your teeth display any of the following symptoms, then things are not quite right, and you need to take urgent action.

Discolored teeth

Naturally, the first thing many people think of when their teeth become discolored is to schedule a teeth whitening procedure in South Bend from clinics such as Mahoney Family Dentistry.

It’s a very smart move, not just because your dentist will promptly restore the sparkle into your smile, but also because he or she is a specialist in a position to point out the cause of the discoloration.

It could be that you have celiac disease.

Sensitive teeth

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth, especially when consuming meals that are either too hot or too cold. Some people experience sensitivity in their teeth no matter what kind of food they’re eating. Common culprits for this discomfort can be stress, a poor diet, and so on.

Your dentist should be able to tell pinpoint the problem.

Eroded teeth

When the surface of your teeth starts to show signs of wear and tear, then it’s a pointer that your diet needs some improvement. It could be that you have a sugar habit that you need to kick before you lose your natural teeth for good.

Plaque build-up

Your pearly whites are always telling you something, and you need to listen carefully. Any symptom of a problem in their appearance is often a pointer to a bigger underlying problem you need to address.

Plaque is both unattractive and can lead to pungent smell. If your teeth have massive plaque buildup, then you have one big problem – poor dental hygiene. The solution is both simple and affordable. Simply brush and floss your teeth, and you won’t need to worry about the problem anymore.

Terohan Nula