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Manual Physical Therapy

Manual Physical TherapyYou can easily look for therapeutic methods for back pain relief in Salt Lake City by conducting a search on the Internet. Most chiropractic clinics have their own websites where potential clients can view the contact details and in the clinic’s address.

Their websites typically allow clients to choose from various therapy options for treating chronic back pain, such as:

1. Manual Physical Therapy

This method of therapy for alleviating back pain does not rely on physical therapy machines and other devices. The therapist uses his own hands instead to manually apply pressure on the back muscles.

A therapist can use several kinds of techniques when providing physical therapy to a patient. Some of these techniques involve just the use of the hands, while others require the combined pressure of the hands and specialized muscle tension devices.

2. Acupuncture

This is a traditional Chinese healing method that has been slowly seeping into Western consciousness. While not all chiropractors are well-versed in acupuncture, it is still worth considering especially for relief from chronic back pain, notes apollochiropractor.com.

The process involves the insertion of thin long needles onto various points in the body. These points are believed to be the pathways for the flow of the life force, and the practitioner inserts special needles to ease the pain.

3. Yoga

Yoga’s health benefits is already well-documented in hundreds of self-help books and online articles. However, note that yoga involves a range of positions that take care of the overall state of the individual’s physical health. Patients who are not interested in doing all the detailed Yoga positions are advised to just perform the yoga positions that specifically target the back. There are about 14 positions that you can do at home or under the supervision of a qualified therapist.

These therapy methods are clear indications that people should never limit themselves within the confines of conventional methods of back pain relief in Salt Lake City.

Terohan Nula