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Closeup view of female belly marked for contouringSome people love their bodies exactly how they are. Others hate their bodies but don’t do anything about it. Then, there are those who would do anything to achieve the perfect body. If you’ve been struggling for years with exercising and dieting but are still not getting the results you want, it might be time to consider cosmetic surgery.

However, not all people are open to going under the knife. If you’re one of them, you could opt for non-invasive body contouring techniques that actually work. A trusted medspa in Utah cites three of the most effective techniques that could deliver lasting results.


This technique combines the potency of radio frequency, suction, massage, and ultrasound waves to reduce excess fat around the thigh, hip, and abdomen. The suction and massage place your fat closer to your skin’s surface so that the ultrasound waves could heat it, while the radio frequencies distribute heat throughout the problem area, speed up the entire heating process, and lessen potential skin damage.

VelaShape is ideal for individuals who want to reduce one to two inches off and lessen the look of cellulite in problem areas of their body.


UltraShape uses HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound waves to eliminate stubborn fat. It transmits shockwaves to the target site to break down the walls of fat cells and release the fat as converted triglycerides. This is perfect for those who want a non-invasive approach to mommy makeover or those who want to remove excess fat in their stomach, love handles, knee, thigh, or arms. Some patients have reported losing almost four inches of excess fat through UltraShape.


This procedure reduces excess fat by freezing your fat cells in order shock them. It uses two cold plates that target, freeze, and eventually destroy fat cells. Your fat cells will be shocked an hour after the procedure and would eventually stop regenerating and die. CoolSculpting is ideal for post-partum women and individuals who want to lose two to three inches of excess fat.

It is important to note that the best option for you is the one that would fit your specific goals and budget. Likewise, you’d have to be generally healthy to qualify for these treatments. Consult a professional to determine the best body contouring technique for you.

Terohan Nula