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A Team of Web Designers

A Team of Web DesignersYou may already have knowledge about and the importance of using negative space correctly and more efficiently. How you use and implement this information will play a major role on how effective this design element will be in designing your website. According to SEO Werkz, an expert on website design from Utah, knowing the differences between macro and micro negative space will enable you to utilize this concept.

Understanding Micro Negative Space

Maintaining a decent amount of negative space within texts makes it readable, easy to scan and may even make it easier for a reader to comprehend it. The white space must look tight and balanced; this means there should be enough space between paragraphs and its headers, focusing on the line heights and spacing of letters, words and line items. This affects the clarity of the content and the way a reader distinguishes the letters.

Defining Macro Negative Space

Many website owners fall into the trap of putting as many photos and content as they can on their headers because this is the first thing that a visitor sees. Avoid this mistake by keeping this part of your website to a few important pieces so that visitors know what and where they are.

Also, designers often make the mistake of using the sidebars and footers of their site as places to put as much information as they can. However, the right approach is to leave enough negative space around and within these areas to let the site breathe and allow a visitor to absorb the content you publish. Having ample spacing and room between text and content shows the purpose of their inclusion on your website.

The right use and balance of macro and micro negative space allow each element of your website to breathe and stand out. This pieces together parts of a whole into a cohesive puzzle that your audience will see once you lead them to this conclusion with your web design.

Terohan Nula