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security cameraEven with the most strict company workplace policy in place, there is still a possibility that your office will lose important documents, machines or equipment from burglary or theft. To prevent this from happening, here are four tips and tricks that can make your office or workplace even safer:

Have a locksmith install lock and key services to your drawers and cabinets.

Locks are one of the most fundamental ways to protect valuable property anywhere. Locksmiths like Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service will be able to help in adding secure locks to your tables, cabinets and drawers. While documents are usually the ones that are put in cabinets and drawers, other valuables may be placed in there by innocent employees, exacerbating the problem that may arise.

Place a security system.

A security system makes use of several components for it to be an effective deterrent. The most basic ones that need to be in a security system include closed-circuit television, a monitored alarm system, a digital video recorder and even an Internet router (to upload recordings to the cloud).

Be part of “business watch” schemes.

Police forces all over the globe are adjusting to the times by creating “business watch” schemes, which involves a more efficient way of alerting a police about crimes done in your office or facility. They may also be able to help in rectifying possible security weaknesses in the building or office space.

Implement a visitor’s logging system.

Stealing does not always happen when no one is in the office. Sometimes, it happens right under our noses. A visitor’s logging system is a helpful way to narrow down the list of suspects by matching the estimated time the crime was committed with the people who were inside the building during that period.

Having all these mechanisms and technology employed in your office will not be able to stop burglaries and stealing if the employees do not follow them. So for you to succeed, you may want to enforce the rules strictly.


Terohan Nula