June 14, 2019
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Foxconn assembled 5 million to 8 million iPhone units that were reportedly not up to Apple’s standards. Disappointed, Apple allegedly sent the rejects back to the company. Foxconn also admitted that the iPhone 5 was “the most difficult device” it was ever tasked with assembling. There has been no indication, however, of any iPhone 5 production problems from Foxconn since late 2012.

IphoneThe rumored production problems could also be related to Apple’s next-generation handset, frequently referred to as the “iPhone 5S.” Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicated that the iPhone 5S is likely to face production problems due to technical challenges. He says that Apple must first prevent interference from the black and white coating material under the cover glass. The company is the first to attempt this function and technology, namely the fingerprint sensor below the home button. They need more time to find the right coating material, which will likely affect iPhone 5S shipments.

Will Apple sever its ties with Foxconn? Is there a real iPhone 5S? Find out more from Apple Insider Neil Hughes.

Terohan Nula