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TransistorMost people have no idea what position sensors are, but these are actually the reason most electronic devices run smoothly. These measure the distance or change in position of a particular object. Apart from that, these can detect the presence or absence of an object.

Without them, most devices would not progress. Companies would not be able to make their businesses thrive. People will not enjoy playing video games with joysticks. They will not be able to produce and hear better sounds. Hospitals would not be able to perform medical treatments smoothly. Such is the significance of position sensors in everyone’s lives as well as different industries.

Not many people know its existence and importance as it is usually part of a finished product. So for everyone’s education and benefit, here are some of the gadgets and equipment that position sensors influenced:

Operating tables

Position sensors made important contributions in the medical industry. They adjust the height and positioning of the operating table. Industry authority spectrasymbol.com explained that linear position sensors make it possible for doctors to perform surgical procedures more accurately.

Injection Molding Machines

Companies that supply medical supplies can make intricate items like syringes due to the positioning capability of such sensors.

Power Plant Construction

The construction industry also benefits from position sensors. These enable personnel to monitor the movement of steam pipelines.

Audio Control Knobs

Position sensors are also the reason people get to enjoy good music today. Audio control knobs help producers create the right blend of sounds in recording and editing sessions.


Back when buttons were not that popular, position sensors were used to adjust the volume, brightness and color of the television.


Position sensors are responsible for lighting effects. As light dimmers, these adjust the electricity that reaches the bulb, which brightens or softens the glow.

Position sensors may not attract much attention, but people only have to look around them to see their impacts. This proves how a small thing can make a big difference.

Terohan Nula