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There is a paradigm shift happening in web design and it will definitely change the game. We’ve seen trends go from fixed to dynamic, traditional to mobile, and fluid to responsive. These days, however, there’s a new aesthetic everyone is talking about: pageless design.

Top web design companies all over the world say it is the future of the industry. But whether or not this is true, we’re going to let you be the judge. There are already several websites that actually feature this layout and soon, more will follow suit.

Tells a story

What is pageless design, exactly? Experts will always tell you the same thing: it’s about telling a story. This type of layout was created to keep online users engaged. The website is basically just one page and the readers continue to scroll down to display more information about the business.

The concept is similar to a mobile app, where users just keep on scrolling through the site, instead of jumping from one page to another. Pageless design sounds unusual at first. But with careful selection of on-page elements, compelling copies, and careful arrangement of content, users can be engaged for a longer period of time, without getting tired or losing interest.

The concept may also be compared to reading an ebook in single page view. Readers can get lost in the page without them knowing about it. This is also why it’s referred to as ‘telling a story.’ There is continuity and an artistic way of arranging the content together in a page.

Scattered yet seamless

In spite of being a part of the digital world, web design is dealing with its own problems with stagnation. In contrast to mobile apps, for instance, you will realize that it lacks the elements and content that keeps users hooked and satisfied. This is why the average page view time for a web user usually last for only a few seconds.

With a pageless design, however, any business owner can easily resolve this problem. The layout will seem scattered at first: with the navigational buttons, on-page elements, and website content all thrown in on one page. Some parts of the sites are highlighted more than the others. Users may also be asked to do something that is not usually done on sites with traditional layouts.

Pageless designs may come off as rough and confusing to some users, but once they get the hang of it, they will soon realize that it’s a seamless process. For those who are open to change and love trying out new things, they will appreciate the beauty of it. Pageless design is seamless. It actually looks great on any device – tablet, smartphone, or desktop – and the interface is a lot more user-friendly and intuitive, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

Optimized for digital marketing

Did you optimize every page in your website for your marketing campaign? You enlisted Filipino web design services, didn’t you? How did that go? Weren’t you required to optimize each and every one of the pages on your website? Well, with pageless design, you don’t need to go through this process again. Because there is only one page to optimize, you can focus on it and yield higher conversion rates than your traditional web design layout.

Another great thing about pageless design is that it makes iteration easier. In case you need to make changes based on trends, analytics, or algorithms, you can do it in the fastest and most effective way possible. Your changes also cut across the entire website – because there are no multiple pages to bother yourself with.

Pageless design is indeed a great way to go for web design and development. You’re probably wondering if you should make the big switch. The answer depends on you. Pageless web design, however, is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every company. It actually works best with certain businesses and industry.

If you’re interested in knowing which these are, get in touch with www.truelogic.com.ph. The company can provide you with the information you need and help you know more about the future of web design.

Terohan Nula