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Concept shot of a networkThe IT job market is a highly competitive place. Not only do you have to contend with professionals on the same level as you, but there are also other highly skilled professionals who are more qualified for the same job that you want.

Dazzle Them with Your Skills and Knowledge

So how do you increase your chances of getting noticed for that job interview? Tailor your resume based on the job requirements.

Your resume serves as your first self-introduction to the hiring manager, so you have to make it stand out. Highlight skills and certifications that you have which they require for the position. Keep in mind that they still don’t know anything about you. So use your resume to break through the pack and make them interested in you.

Get Ahead

Sure you can be the smartest in your office, but there is always room for self-improvement. If you want to stay relevant and be an excellent candidate for the job, then certify, up skill, and put it on your resume. CertBlaster suggests taking a Network+ practice test to determine your capability.


Getting certified is always a good idea. A Network+ Certification, for example, can help you get a job interview, which is the first step in any job application process. This type of certification is also vendor neutral because it covers general knowledge about most network types. This is a great jumping off point for any future certifications you may want to get to stay relevant to the industry requirements. Also, taking certification classes from a reputable IT review center puts you in a network of professionals who can vouch for your skills and knowledge come the time that you apply for a job.

UpSkills Training

Take classes at work, whether it is related to your actual job or for personal development. These classes are free and help you gain more knowledge in other areas of your career and life. Learning is a good way to invest in your self. Self-development gives you a sense of fulfillment, which in turn inspires you to do better not just at work but in your personal life as well. So taking some classes is always a good decision.

Make it Count

But there’s one other thing: All that certification and skill set won’t get you anywhere without the proper work attitude. Take the knowledge that you gained from your certifications and up skills training and develop a workable system that can help you work more efficiently and effectively. Build habits that help you and your team respond and resolve network issues better and faster.

So get certified, up your skills, and learn new things. Be the person that they want to hire for the job and be as awesome during the interview as you say you are on your resume.

Terohan Nula