August 25, 2019
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Man looking astonished in a network data center. The public sector has an important responsibility in handling personal and classified information about the community. With the massive amount of data it has to deal with, however, keeping them safely at all times is challenging.

Cloud applications, such as the ones companies like Unit4 Asia Pacific provide, aim to solve this concern. These companies provide solutions to over 1,000 public service customers worldwide. Now the question is while the cloud streamlines data storage and management, is it appropriate for the public sector?

Security Risk Is a Big Issue

There are many challenges that the public sector faces. It has to comply with the government’s reforms and mandates while trying to keep up with increasing consumer demand for it to improve its service. On top of this, it often faces a limited budget.

Despite all the challenges, there is a need for fundamental innovation to optimise the public sector’s service, which the cloud can offer. The problem is there is a significant security risk that comes with it.

Decisions Must Be Risk-Based

There is always going to be a risk when using cloud software for government information, and every organisation or department has to make its own risk-based decision for particular data or systems. There are some data, for instance, that may not be appropriate to store in the cloud such as legal requirements about data sovereignty.

Shared Accountability with Cloud Provider

Using cloud services is not a simple risk management issue. You must have the knowledge how the shared responsibility between you and your cloud provider works. While there will be a built-in security system in the cloud, it is appropriate that you keep another layer of security controls on top of it. Assess the policies and practices of each cloud company and determine which one is the best to satisfy your requirements.

Cloud services can streamline public services, but they understandably come with security risks. It is best to weigh your options before switching to cloud storage and services for your enterprise. 

Terohan Nula