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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

This famous quote by celebrated photographer, Ansel Adams, is actually true when it comes to creating stunning photographs. The quality of your photograph nearly depends on the post processing, as this is the part where you bring the images to life. Of course, a nice lighting, good equipment, and experience all play a role, but you can clean up any photo if you’re good with post processing.

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular post processing applications that come with extensive photo enhancing capabilities, but still having a rather unaffordable price tag. Because of this issue, many digital photographers find ways to create free software that has the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a freeware that is ideal for photo alteration and digital painting. Read on to know its features.

It’s totally free

GIMP’s most notable benefit is its value. You can even download a full version of GIMP 2 for free. So instead of paying 500 dollars or more for a post processing software, GIMP is freely available to do your post processing tasks.

It has a smaller file download

You can easily setup GIMP as it only requires 20MB of disk space. Unlike other post processing software that requires 1GB of storage space to setup plus additional space for plug-ins and brushes, GIMP has full features without the heavy file size.

It’s portable

Unlike other software that require license and plug-ins to setup on another computer, GIMP is completely portable. A portable version is available to load on your USB flash drive to take on the go and edit on anyone’s computer.

It continuously evolves

GIMP is continuously upgrading like any paid post processing software. The team behind GIMP is regularly launching releases to make sure users can get the most of it.

So instead of pirating paid post processing applications, you can legally download new version of GIMP 2 for free for your image editing duties. With all these benefits, it’s definitely worth downloading when finding an image editing software.

Visit for free software download.

Terohan Nula