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Going green to save the Earth

While computers may have made life much easier, they have also become a source of several environmental problems. Computer and laptop manufacturing uses some toxic products and consumes a lot of energy to store and create large items. This is why private firms and government agencies around the world are constantly looking for ways to implement the use of environmentally friendly computers.

The main goal of green computing is to achieve economic viability and improve how computing devices are used. It includes the development of energy efficient devices, sustainable production practices, and better recycling methods. Companies can implement green IT practices through the use of these techniques.

Going green to save the Earth
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Green Computing Plan and Policy

To achieve green computing, each company needs to develop a plan that includes disposal of devices used, recycling policies, and suggestions for purchasing new computing devices. Green IT practices should include energy usage and reduction of paper use, as well. New companies and those with data center business should also develop organizational policies to adopt green IT practices.

Computer Power Management

Computer power management automatically places computers on sleep mode after a set period of inactivity. This help saves up to $50 on energy costs per computer annually. The network administrator can activate these settings across the entire network.

Wise Purchasing

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program can serve as a guide on choosing computer equipment. This voluntary program promotes the use of energy-efficient products to reduce energy consumption and improve energy security. Companies can also use the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) for computer comparison based on environmental attributes.

Office Paper Reduction

There are many simple ways to reduce paper use. Companies should use email instead of paper for internal memos and communications with client and suppliers. It is also important to use both sides of the paper when printing documents and to recycle paper regularly.

Going green is in the best interest of every modern business. By embracing environmentally-friendly products and practices, you can help save the environment and reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

Terohan Nula