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Content plays a huge role in managing your business website. Quality content will significantly boost and support your business performance. The challenge is to keep a balance between two goals: keeping your visitors or potential customers informed, engaged, and interested; and selling your products or services.

Fortunately, there are different types of content you can use to make it easier to meet these goals. Communicating through various types of content creates a dynamic image that focuses on the needs of your audience. Here are some types that will make a positive impact on your business website.

Product/Service Information

You need to provide your visitors with enough information on how your business can help them. This is why you need to create content focusing on your products and services. This type of content should highlight the best features and benefits your customers can get from buying your goods or using your service.


Some online users are lazy readers. Videos work well in this case, as it will engage them more. In an online community where all types of written content are dominant, videos can be seen as a newer, fresher medium. You can use them to present information, such as how-tos, tips, and interviews.

Add a relevant video or two on your website and you can expect a boost in traffic. Perth web development specialists suggest ensuring the videos will work on different browsers.


Infographics are unique and artistic ways to present relevant information. They break down complex information into simpler, easier to comprehend bits of data. Infographics can be as simple as hand-drawn diagrams to a more sophisticated visual representation or visualization.


Many online users don’t read entire articles or content; most just give it a quick scan. This is why list posts are becoming a more preferred type of content.Good examples of list posts include articles with titles like “Top 10 Trends,” “Best Ways to,” and “Five Techniques to Try.” Information is presented in a bulleted or numbered list, making it easier to scan through. Readers can easily find the information they need. List posts also tend to encourage comments from your readers. This is why Perth web designers like Nutwork recommend including this type content if you want to start a conversation with your audience.

How Tos

Wow those are commonly seen in the pages dedicated to blogs. This type of content works well to provide instructions and step-by-step procedures. If you’re selling ready-made patios, for instance, you can write posts teaching them how to furnish a new patio or how to decorate it for the next season. A well-written and researched instructional article could be your website’s most read and most linked-to post or page.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can create e-books containing how-to information.


While you can post reviews on almost anything, it’s important to keep in mind the interests of your readers. Include reviews your audience will find informational and interesting.

Creating reviews is not just about saying your opinion about a particular product or service. You should present your views in a manner that will help your readers create their own opinion and positively influence their decisions.


Testimonials may only appear in one corner of your website, but this doesn’t mean you should underestimate them. Testimonials are actually powerful forms of web content. The goal is for potential customers to see comments from real clients or buyers. Topics that can be tackled include product efficiency, service quality, reliability, and other related matters. Posting testimonials from satisfied customers will reinforce trust and promise excellent experience working with you.

You can add customer testimonials on your site’s sidebar and sales pages. Incorporate them in your blog posts or even dedicate an entire page for it.

Have the right combination of these types of content, and you can expect a difference in your online reputation and traffic. Get help from professional web designers and developers to make the most out of your business website.

Terohan Nula