September 19, 2018
  • 8:04 pm 3 Important Rules to Follow When Designing Your Home’s Exterior
  • 1:00 am Engagement Ring Buying Guide for Every Fiancé to be
  • 8:14 am Travel Checklist: Items You Should Bring for a Ski Vacation
  • 3:17 pm Three Smart Things a New Expat Should Do
  • 4:00 pm How to Spot the Most Common Moisture Problems at Home
photo of a house facade with garden

The house facade makes the first impression. It’s no wonder homeowners dedicate so much time and effort in giving their properties a facelift. While you’re free to make any design decision, you’re not free from the consequences of such. For instance, that green-red color combination you’re eyeing may not hide the flaws of your yard, […]

Guy in plaid proposing to a woman

One of the trickiest parts of a relationship is finding the right engagement ring. Women look forward to it, and men dread looking for it. Thus, if you are on that stage where you want to take your relationship to the next level, then this is the right article for you. There are a lot […]

a man skiing

It may still be several months away, but you’re already counting down the days until you’ll leave for your mountain ski resort vacation. Yes, you can hardly wait, so to pass the time more quickly, why don’t you just make a checklist of the things you need to bring for your trip? Clothing items You’ll […]

new expatriate planning his living in a foreign country

Talk to any expat who has been in a foreign country for years, and he will tell you that few things in the world compare to the experience of being a new expat. No amount of research can get you completely ready for the emotions, wonder, and confusion that a cross-cultural experience brings. Here are […]

Molds in the corner of the house

Moisture can be good, but for home, it can be not, especially if it comes in surplus. It can do a lot of damage, some of which can cost you a lot. This is why it is vital that you address common moisture problems at home, even before they start to eat away at your […]

a woman consulting her dentist

  Learning to ride a bike. The first day at school. Scraping a knee. Childhood rites of passage we go through on our way to becoming responsible adults. Another one that will be familiar to UK grown-ups is dental education. Parents teach their kids tooth brushing basics, then school fills in with explanations about decay, […]

Dentist showing teeth model to patient

When it comes to tooth replacement technology in modern dentistry, dental implants are more popular than ever. Not only do they look and feel just like natural teeth, but they also protect the jawbone and gums from shrinkage. And while the cost of dental implants may seem prohibitive to many people, their many benefits and […]

Woman sitting on the carpet

The price of installing a carpet at home may cost at least $200 or up to $4,500, although households spend almost $1,600 on average. If you live in Florida, the cost of hiring a flooring company in Bradenton may be a cheaper option than a similar service provider in Miami. The place where you live often influences […]

Woman vaping in an outdoor cafe

Since the e-cigarettes were introduced back in 2013, their popularity has grown tremendously. With the rising cost of tobacco and the consequences that go along with long-term cigarette smoking, it’s no wonder many people have switched to vaping as an alternative. E-cigs are cheaper and easy to use. Just refill your e-cigarette with your flavored […]

condominium tower

Buying a new property like a condominium unit can be exciting. After all, this is a huge investment and a cause for celebration. But, purchasing a property is a major financial decision, too. You have to choose the right condo unit — one that meets your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Otherwise, you risk flushing your […]